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“Ray of Sunshine has sure been the light on this dark journey for my dad thank you for all your hard work”. CM

“Marla gave my mother a reason to get out of bed and as she put it “just looking at her makes me feel better and I don’t feel alone. She puts me to work and I love it”. MS

“Marla figured out that since my mother worked with her hands all her life counting inventory and keeping the books a daily math based program would alleviate her boredom. We can’t thank you enough”. LM

“The way my father acted the days that the Ray of Sunshine recreationist came were his best days. Thanks for all your hard work and effort through this extremely difficult and challenging time”. BB

“My mother took the programs as going to school since she loved going to school as a child and the teacher the Ray of Sunshine recreationist. You ran a great class”. MK

“Finding Ray of Sunshine has made my parents the happiest I have seen them in months they work together as a team with the recreationist in all activities they have reconnected as a unit and for this I will always be grateful.” DG

“When I watch my mom and dad work with the girl from Ray of Sunshine I know that they will each get the time and attention they deserve to feel special and part of the world again. I feel blessed that you came to our home. Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do”. SR

“You are my mom’s guardian angel from heaven”. RK

“Ray of Sunshine’s price is worth every penny. They work so hard to make my dad so happy. Thanks for always being the shoulder to cry on and making me see how much Dad did do in his last stage of his life”. MP

“My mom knew each time when the recreationist from Ray of Sunshine was coming and it made her want to get dressed up and serve from her tea service something she had not wanted to do for two years. She acted appropriately and loved the company. All the art therapy programs she completed were displayed proudly in her living room for all of us to see. You gave her the will to keep going and for that we will always be indebted to Ray of Sunshine”. FT